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Dee Jay Alicia, a Chicago native, developed a love for music at a young age.  Her musical beginnings were rooted in soul, steppers, and R&B.  She began her DJ career in 1996 under the guidance of her mentor and then Husband DJ Raphael.  He educated her on the art of reading a crowd and song selection as well as DJ techniques, DJ culture and (the lost art of) DJ etiquette.  When she was ready she became a member of the DJ group C-7 sounds.  Her first residency was a weekly steppers set at Mr. G’s Supper Club.  She enjoyed a successful 16 year stretch as a steppers DJ which included appearances on the weekly show Stepping at Club 7 hosted by the Legendary Herb Kent.

In 2010 she made her decision to dive deeper into the genre of House Music.  She began attending parties and getting a feel for the very vibrant Chicago house community.  She gained a residency at a local bar and began to transition exclusively to house music.  
Since that pivotal moment, her journey in house music thus far has included many phenomenal moments.

In 2010 she began, owned and operated her own internet radio station “Jams Radio” which consisted of many Chicago DJ’s playing a mix of Steppers, Jazz, Underground Hip Hop, Classic R&B and House.  

In 2011 she became the First female DJ to perform at the “Expo for Today’s Black Woman” as well as being voted “DJ of the Year” by her peers and avid listeners of house music throughout Chicago.

In 2012, she was featured on the cover of True Elegance Magazine and received recognition as the Break-Through House Music DJ Award presented to her by Farley “Jack Master” Funk of the Hot Mix Five.  That same year she also received the "House Konnection" Achievement Award and Teamed up with DJ/Producer Mickey Calvin in the creation and launch of MAC Productions.

In 2013, she and her Triad Sisters Mz. Nicky and Anji Stone were featured in an article “Diva Speak / Divas of House”.

In that same year, she created, hosted and performed on Chitown Triple Play broadcast on under the direction of Sharon Benetti with co-hosts Pablo DiskoBar, Fiddy Millz, Jackie Moon, Earl Mixxin McKinney, and Mickey Calvin.

In 2013, she was taken under the wing of her mentors Mike Dunn and Terry Hunter both 30-year veterans in the House Music industry.  Under their guidance, her first release as a Co-Producer for T's Box and T's Crates record label was put forth.   “I want It rough” (Mike Dunn’s Blackball Rmx) co-produced with Mike Dunn features spoken word by The Black Widow.  

2015 brought forth the next release, “Gruv Me” (Mike Dunn Black Ball 5.1) also co-produced by Mike Dunn and features the spoken word styling of The Black Widow also release under the T’s Box umbrella.   The afrobeat and sensual sound afforded for both releases to reach phenomenal success!

2015 she also began production and distribution and her mixes on flash drives “keys” which became her direct connect to house music lovers around the world.  The LOVE & LUST KEY (WHICH INCLUDED THE 20 MIX SERIES) REMAINS THE MOST SUCCESSFUL TO DATE!!!!!!!!!!!  

2016 and 2017 she reached the most prestigious stage in House Music when she appeared as a guest DJ at Chicago’s own “Chosen Few Music Festival” Presented by the Chosen few DJ’s.

2017 she was granted a monthly residency on NYCHOUSERADIO.COM promoted and heard by global listeners.

2018 she was featured on the track “The Wake Up Call” on the long-anticipated album “House from All Angles” by Mike Dunn on MoreAboutMusic record label.

She is looking forward to the continuation of forging ahead in pursuit of her musical passion, DJ’ing, Production, innovation and wherever this amazing journey leads.  She believes the greatest blessing is “To do what you love ~ and have people enjoy it!”


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Production and releases

DJA | Mike dunn | Black Widow | T's Box Collaborations

" I Want it Rough " (Mike Dunn's Blackball Remix) featuring The Black Widow | T's Box | 2013

"I Want it Rough" (Mike Dunn's Blackball Remix) featuring The Black Widow | T's Box | 2013

Gruv me  (Mike Dunn 5.0 MixX) featuring The Black Widow | T's Box | 2015

Gruv me (Mike Dunn 5.0 MixX) featuring The Black Widow | T's Box | 2015

Other releases 

When the World (Edit/Remix) M Biz Musique | Lincs Records | 2012

When the World (Edit/Remix) M Biz Musique | Lincs Records | 2012



The Dancers DANCE to "I Want It Rough (Mike Dunn's Blackball Remix)

Dee Jay Alicia Feat The black Widow


Preliminaries 110 -141 House Dance Forever Aug. 2014